“I believe in my clients, they believe in me”

Miquel Bauzá on offering the full property package

Miquel Bauzà, director of LF91 Project Management is acutely aware of detail, as he explains that when it comes to approaching a construction project, every aspect must be considered. “It´s often in the things that you don´t see or think about” he says, explaining how LF91 take care of every step to buying and building a property. He sits back in his chair with a manner that is cool and relaxed, a trait entirely apt for over a decade of highly-intensive project management. He is conscientious, affirming that the basis of his reputation is formed on executing the vision of his client. “At LF91, our clients have access to all of our architects, interior designers and landscapers. We offer the full property package, from start to finish.”

Responsible for project managing some of Mallorca’s most stunning properties, Miquel presses that the key is trust, to ensure a smooth and effortless collaboration. “I believe in my clients, they believe in me” he says, bringing his hand to his chest. With most projects spanning years to accomplish, he instils a firm relationship with his collaboration team of architects, engineers and designers to ensure project stability. “Many of our clients contact us right at the beginning when they’re looking for a plot of land. Our team take out all of the stress of permits and procedures, it’s our job to make it easy.”

The nature of Miquel’s work is always a process of discovery, as he explains that his renovation projects will often expose the finer details in architecture. He uses a current project as an example which involves reforming a historic townhouse in Pollensa. Raising his hands above him, he imitates its bodega ceiling and the methods involved to bolster its form. He takes us through every phase of the work ahead before pausing to let us in on a little prediction. He tilts his head, “I´m pretty certain we’ll find original sandstone there.” There is an excitement to this foretelling which Miquel can barely contain. Fueled by a passion for original features, we remark that he couldn’t be working anywhere better. He agrees, “Mallorca is a mix of cultures and history, there is so much variety in architecture.” We ask how he approaches these more sensitive rebuilds and he smiles, “I am always open-minded.”

Miquel steers the conversation back to the emotion involved in bringing a client’s vision to life. As expected he talks of the challenges involved when there are specific tastes to satisfy. One client he recalls wanted “everything shiny and sparkly”, which we can assume with Miquel’s meticulous attention, would mean quite literally everything. “LF91 work hand in hand with the client, whatever it is they want, we strive to achieve,” he says, proud to create some of the island’s most impressive homes.

With Miquel’s roots firmly based on Mallorca, LF91 remains as unchanged as the day it started. Using trusted suppliers and local creatives, their projects all stem from the same land, a place that Miquel proudly calls home. On the topic of attachment, we ask how it feels for Miquel to finish a project after so many years of dedication. “When I hand-over the keys sometimes my clients cry with emotion” he says, proud to have offered the full property package, from start to finish.

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