Thinking of moving to Mallorca? Embarking on your new Mallorcan lifestyle can take time, from the moment you look at properties to buy or rent to meeting real estate agents, finding a job, choosing a school and opening up a bank account in Spain. Living on Mallorca is the Mediterranean dream with first-class interior designers, architects, developers, builders and construction companies available to make your Mallorca luxury villa or countryside finca a reality.

The fine Mallorca weather adds to the healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, whether you’re living in Alcudia, Deià or Palma de Mallorca, you can wake-up every morning to some of the best beaches in Mallorca on your doorstep.

The hc/ Mallorca Living Centre

Find out from Dr Helen Cummins herself what the Mallorca Living Centre is and how it can help you relocate to the island stress-free.

Starting a new life in Santa Maria

Since leaving the white sands of the West Indies behind, the Horsman family have found contentment on Mallorca, surrounded by nature and local culture.

How to move to Mallorca in 13 simple steps

Make the change and move to Mallorca today. Here we give you an honest, local guide to what you can expect upon relocating to Mallorca.

Corinna Graf CEO Puerto Portals

Meet the visionary behind Puerto Portals: Corinna Graf

Puerto Portals is considered to be the most glamorous harbour in the Mediterranean; we meet the general manager of the port to hear about their expansion plans from the future.

Fulfilling the dream of becoming a writer

British writer David Coubrough shares the release of his new book ‘Death in Deià’ where he explains how he found inspiration in Deià’s natural landscape.

What does living in Mallorca mean to you?

Mallorca residents share what makes them feel most at home on the island and why no matter how far they travel, the island always has a way of pulling them back.


California dreamer to Spanish speaker

Ann-Marie recounts her journey from California to Spain and the challenge of mastering the Spanish language. Be inspired to learn Spanish.

Insider Mallorca

Turn your hotel into a success story with Insider View

Anna Bauge and Olivier Heuchenne are the founders of luxury hospitality consultancy, Insider View. Here they explain why hoteliers must change with the times if they want to survive in the long term.

The inside story of Es Rebost

We meet CEO Helmut Clemens from Es Rebost who explains how he took the business from simple idea to popular Mallorcan franchise.

Dra Estrella Fernandez

Feel rejuvenated with Dr Estrella Fernández

Feel rejuvenated inside and out with the expertise and knowledge of Dr Estrella Fernández – one of Mallorca’s top anti-ageing experts.

The rise of coworking in Mallorca

Coworking and working remotely are becoming increasingly popular worldwide and now Mallorca has its own spaces for entrepreneurs on the island.

Back to the Beginning with Helen Cummins

Find out where it started for Dr Helen Cummins and what lies at the heart of her business on Mallorca, she talks openly about what started abcMallorca.

Create a wholehearted life doing what you love

Book a business mentoring session with Helen Cummins to find out how you can realise your full potential and make your business dream a reality.

Boost your business with Management Turístico

Management Turístico provides their clients with the experience, knowledge and tools to help boost their businesses on Mallorca and gain profit.

The abc secret to getting more website traffic

How many new customers are you currently generating from your website? Find out from Dr Helen Cummins why a digital marketing strategy is the future.

abcMallorca Business Club

Grow your business network on Mallorca!

When you want to grow you business contact on Mallorca, the fastest and easiest way to build your network is to join the abcMallorca Business Club today!

Why video is a key tool for Digital Marketing

Why is video so important in digital marketing now? Here, Dr. Helen Cummins explains why businesses, post-Covid, need to adapt to the new market demands.

How do I get the Golden Visa for Mallorca?

Find out how you can stay for longer in Mallorca with a Golden Visa! See here where to get it and how you can apply for one with zero hassle involved.

Iberostar’s Sabina Fluxá on Sustainable Tourism

Iberostar continues to strengthen its commitment to responsible tourism with hotels that are free of single-use plastics, serving responsible fish, and the protection of the seabed.

Sustainability: A job for all

With the climate clock ticking, we all – Mallorcan politicians, organisations, and individuals – need to cooperate to prevent ecological disaster and ruin.

Mariana Salinas family life Mallorca

Mediterranean family living with Sadhana Works

We met Founder of Sadhana Works, Mariana Salinas, at her beautiful home in Algaida where we enjoyed nutritious food, Kundalini Yoga and more!

Mallorca, it’s time to do away with plastic

Find out how hotels on Mallorca are responding to mass tourism and making the island more sustainable through introducing plastic-free initiatives.

10 easy ways you can live more sustainably

Mallorca has committed itself to a model of sustainable development. We propose 10 actions you can take to help Mallorca become more eco-friendly.

Personal trainer James Timmons Mallorca

How to age well by Dr James Timmons

Dr. James Timmons is an expert in exercise and how it strengthens the body as we age. His years of research have led him to helping people live healthier and longer.

Life in Artà, a Slow authentic feast

Living in Artà offers an abundance of opportunities, through its rich cultural heritage and deeply rooted traditions, find out more here!

Living on Mallorca After The Coronavirus

With lockdown behind us, how will the corona crisis change how we live on Mallorca and the homes that we live in?

How Covid-19 has affected our health

The coronavirus crisis has had a huge impact our mental wellbeing, but psychologist Nicole Blay shares strategies to stay healthy in these uncertain times.

Discovering personal power with Roxana Valea

Roxana Valea explains how she went from London workaholic to finding deeper purpose on Mallorca and reconnecting with her love of writing.

Active family life in Mallorca

For personal trainer Jon Ander Arambalza, staying healthy is about getting the whole family outdoors and most importantly, having fun.

Johanna Florez Spanish Teacher

5 ways to learn Spanish effectively

Mallorca is a melting pot of languages including Spanish, English, German and Catalan. Learn the best ways to master your chosen language here.

The cost of the Mallorca dream

Is it expensive living on Mallorca? Here are some helpful tips to save on your euros and live well on the island.

A day in the life of an international commuter

Meet Jacki Collins, the high-flyer who commutes from Mallorca to London on a regular basis, proving to many that it is possible!

4 steps to buying a property in Mallorca

Buying a property in Mallorca means understanding the Spanish administration system and getting all the necessary documentation. Find out what you need to do here!

Slow family living in Pollensa

Unlike its closest seaside neighbours, Puerto Pollensa and Cala San Vicente, living in Pollensa is quieter offering families a slice of Mediterranean luxury.

What’s it like living in Mallorca?

Meet the Mallorca residents who share what they are most grateful for since moving to the island and what they love most about living in the Mediterranean.

A laid-back lifestyle in sunny Alcúdia

Living in Alcúdia is nowhere near as busy as being in the city but nor is it as quiet as life on a finca in the countryside. That’s an attractive balance.

Sleepless in Alcúdia

Peter Markham, a former editor at the BBC, shares the highs and lows which come with modernising a house in a medieval Mallorcan town.

How Palma College changed my life

After fleeing a war zone Zahraa Kareem was offered a scholarship at Palma College, a unique opportunity that inspired her to become an artist.

Resell, Repair or Recycle

Looking to get rid of old furniture? Find out where you can recycle your old items on Mallorca and donate them to places that give them a new lease of life.