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bolso 6 - Faking it!

Faking it!

Luxury brands suffer damage to their business with the prevalence of high-quality fake products available worldwide. Helen Cummins investigates the impact that buying fakes has on the industry and what it says about the consumers of imitations.

124533749 10 - Luxury Online

Luxury Online

With online sales growing monthly, business managers need to find an e-commerce strategy that works for them. Gone are the days when a simple website was sufficient presence in the virtual world. Helen Cummins discusses the challenges facing luxury brands online.

Luxury Yachts1 - The Luxury of Time

The Luxury of Time

Instant gratification – I want it here and I want it now. Sound familiar? Today’s unrelenting pace of consumption, together with the short attention span for the new, perpetuated by ease of accessibility.

big spender3 - Who Buys Luxury?

Who Buys Luxury?

To spend €40,000 on a watch is not what the vast majority of people can do at the drop of a hat – so who are the big spenders? And what is their motivation to buy luxury? Helen Cummins investigates.