Age well in Mallorca with Dr Estrella Fernàndez

Dr Helen Cummins meets the specialist in facial rejuvenation

Dr Helen Cummins meets facial rejuvenation expert, Dr Estrella Fernández at her clinic in Palma.
As a specialist in Oculoplastics, Dr Estrella Fernández explains to Helen how she helps people who want to feel younger and in what ways we can all maintain our youth for longer.

0:42 The work of Dr Estrella Fernández
1:52 Better to start younger
2:03 Who are typically your clients?
3:24 Feeling reassured
5:15 To help you look how you feel
6:55 Analysing how we read each other
7:39 What would Estrella recommend for Helen?
9:39 Bringing out the best in you

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Address details

Dra Estrella Fernandez

Dra. Estrella Fernández

Carrer del Sindicat, 74, Palma