Slow Living Mallorca magazine 2021

Meet the people and places on the island that resonate with the values of wholehearted living. ⁠ ⁠

Since we first launched the Slow magazine back in 2019, we’ve all learnt how to live slower not by choice but by circumstances. No-one could have predicted that we’d slow down to such an extreme, and surprisingly, the feedback from taking a tranquil pace has been positive. Now, even as our lives feel somewhat ‘normal’ again, the impact of our experience has drastically altered our point of view. I am intrigued to find out, what is this new life perspective? How have we changed? The dust is settling and I’m watching tentatively, analysing how we will move forward from here.

What many of us have realised since slowing down is that we no longer want to live our lives under the thumb of control. We’ve woken up to our realities, now more aware that when we do something we do it because we really want to. The employee resignation boom is just one example of this, as people from all over the world have stopped and asked themselves: “Is this the way I really want to live my life?” It has caused a great domino effect, where more questions have bubbled to the surface. Is this the community I want to connect with? Where do I want to invest my time? When the answers to these questions are a contradiction to our values and beliefs, we challenge it. We make changes to our lives, reprioritise what matters and search for a new landscape to live our truth.

In Mallorca, we’re seeing the effects of this as more people from around the world choose to settle here. The island offers that breathing space and the chance to enjoy a lifestyle more connected to nature. It appeals to people, who like me, love the beauty and energy of this restorative island. They are the ‘Believers in a better life’ and they’re here to make a positive impact on our local communities.

In this edition of Slow, we met with the local business owners who live and breathe what they do. They’re working on the ground (heart-to-heart with their clients) but with one eye on the horizon, as they strive for a better and brighter future. For Chetana A. Adelskamp at bodhana wellness centre, it’s about alleviating pain in the body and mind (giving that loving support), or in the case of Marc Kuenzle from Casa Lima, it’s understanding the individuality in lifestyle (building tables to an exact measurement and style). Countless others are doing the same, showing empathy in their work to offer the very best service. For some, this means carrying on what their families have always done which we see at Espacio Home Design, Despacho Lamas and Seippel & Seippel. Their values are timeless, as generation after generation, their clients and community are looked after with compassion and grace.

If you connect with the values of Slow and are passionate about living a life that resonates with you in Mallorca, the website is dedicated to helping you make the move here. Our ultimate goal is to inspire you to create a wholehearted life doing what you love.

Enjoy Slow Living in Mallorca,

Helen xx

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