Slow fashion by Maria Trepat

An eco-clothing line changing the rules of fast fashion

Maria Trepat (34) already knew during her fashion studies in Barcelona that she would have her own ‘eco-line’ one day. Instead of designing according to the rules of the summer and winter collections of the fashion market, she produces around 30 pieces per year which do not have an expiry date. Her unpretentious and straightforward styles don´t follow trends but serve as long-lasting basics in your wardrobe.

This fits in with Maria´s philosophy of consuming consciously and using resources economically. This does not mean that her fashion is boring; she likes to play with details such as the length of a skirt, different-coloured trouser cuffs and added sleeves on dresses.

The collection Suite 13 is produced in collaboration with workshops in Barcelona; the collection Heaven Lab, Maria commissioned to India – not because it´s cheaper but because in South Asia they produce according to internationally valid eco standards which are still lacking in Spain. Marta established the contact with the Indian factories during an NGO project in 2008 and also sources her fabrics made from eco cotton from there. In her Boutique Suite 13 she sells her creations along with jewellery and fashion of different eco labels from London, Madrid and Berlin.

Address details

Suite 13

C/ Estade, 2, Palma