Prestigious jewellery store in Palma

Its handmade prêt-à-porter collections are designed to be forever pieces

Smiling and laughing in the ambient lighting of the garden terrace, reflections from the pool dancing on her neck and wrists, perfectly setting off her rose gold pendant and malachite earrings. This was one of the women attracting admiring glances at the Nicolás Joyeros 90th anniversary party, a glittering affair held at a romantic finca on Mallorca; her spirit, and the joyful spirit of the evening encapsulating everything Nicolás Joyeros stands for.

The woman who wears Nicolás Joyeros is not just adorning her skin with a beautiful object; she owns a small part of Mediterranean history, heritage and romance, perfectly packaged. For this third-generation design house, from its humble beginnings right up to its present day incarnation as maker of achingly desirable objets de beauté, is a pure celebration of Mallorca at its very best: passionate, carefree and irrepressible.

From the inception of Nicolás Pomar’s tiny Palma workshop in 1925 through to the presentation of the Crown King jewels to the King of Spain at the end of the century, its story reads as a Mallorcan fable, the Pomar family saga entwining with the island’s history like one of its ethereal woven diamond bracelets.

Stepping into the Paseo del Borne store, reminiscent of the ‘20s with its dark wood, gold brass and mirrors, is like escaping for a time to a more genteel era, with a spine-tingling feel that can only be evoked from exquisite luxury and long lineage.

Creating made-to-measure gems, the master craftsmen at Nicolás Joyeros blend tradition with modernity with admirable skill. Its handmade prêt-à-porter collections are designed to be forever pieces, celebrating life at its most joyful, and the Palma boutique carries prestigious Swiss watches by designers such as Breitling, adding an entirely fresh dimension.The individual who has the pleasure of being endowed with Nicolás Joyeros joins celebrity royalty, Spanish socialites and an international elite all drawn to its heady glamour and sweet Mallorcan soul – quite a spectacular party.

Address details

Nicolás Joyeros

Passeig del Born, 18, Palma