Moredesign crafts enduring living spaces

The architecture studio Moredesign captured the essence of authentic Mallorca in Santanyí

Architecture by More Design

Located in the serene southeast of Mallorca near Santanyí, this house is a testament to architectural transformation. Initially shrouded in darkness and characterized by a disjointed layout, it was revitalized into a harmonious retreat. Nestled between a blend of olive groves, almond trees, and the red earth of the region, the property exudes local character with its use of the reddish Santanyi stone for walls.

A house so rooted in tradition called for the creative genius of Moredesign, Deià based architecture and design firm founded by Oro del Negro and Manuel Villanueva, to undergo its revitalizing metamorphosis and breathe new life into a previously challenging structure.


The captivating narrative that chronicles this home renovation project was initially met with hesitations, but the homeowners’ growing attachment to the charming island of Mallorca compelled them to undertake this endeavour.

The revitalization effort encompassed extensive renovations, including the addition of a new stone volume that seamlessly connects existing spaces. In the heart of the home lies a central fireplace, symbolizing family unity and serving as the focal point of the redesigned interior, where cherished memories are made. This warm and inviting centrepiece not only provides physical warmth but also creates an atmosphere where family bonds are nurtured, and stories unfold, making it the true soul of the house.


The overarching vision of Moredesign aimed to create a space characterized by simple, continuous lines. Terracotta floors and meticulously placed furniture emulate the feeling of flowing carpets, fostering a sense of continuity and harmony throughout. A significant portion of the furniture, thoughtfully sourced from local design brand La Pecera, blends modern elements with reclaimed pieces, resulting in a seamless fusion of contemporary and classic design.

The studio’s thoughtful placement of artwork and the incorporation of vibrant textiles add an extra layer of depth and personality to every corner of this exquisite dwelling. Each space speaks volumes about the narrative of this remarkable transformation, with an environment that not only stands as a testament to architectural mastery but makes this house a truly exceptional reflection of both Mediterranean design and personal identity.

Text by Fatima Carasol | Photos provided by More Design

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