“Less is more”

Daniel Waschke on the importance of time

If Daniel Waschke had a motto it would be “less is more”. For a property to be listed with Mallorca Gold it must fulfil various criteria including being worth at least two million euros. “It’s like being in an expensive watch shop. There should be a maximum of two or three watches in the display window. Then this poses the question: which watches do we present? For me, that’s luxury,” explains Daniel.

Although the decision to focus on such a small niche wasn’t always an easy one. Many properties were turned down due to a misunderstandings with property owners who didn’t understand the selection criteria. “We wanted to position ourselves very clearly and offer our clients the best possible service.” It was only a few years later, explains Daniel, that it was clear he had made the right decision.

Daniel Waschke is focussed, serious and attentive, answering our questions in detail. If he weren’t an estate agent, we’re sure he’d make a good diplomat or mediator. His direct yet calm manner would make him the right person to solve a conflict. His diary is fully booked, but despite this he is happy taking his time, something that he considers very important. Especially when it involves giving himself time to focus fully on his clients and concentrate on their needs. As Daniel says, if only a few watches are chosen, each one has to be presented right with every buyer given maximum attention.

For him, the buyer is always at the forefront of his work. When Daniel speaks about his relationship with his clients, he refers to it as a “liaison” – a close relationship between partners. Despite his interest in new technologies in the property sector, it is through personal one-to-one conversations which remain the most important way of creating trust. This is particularly true of his clients from abroad who aren’t familiar with Mallorca. For this, he travels a great deal and visits trade fairs to make contacts and bring business to the island. It is only on Mallorca that he doesn’t go to as many events as he feels he could. “I realise that I may be missing out on some business through this but when I’m on Mallorca I want to spend the evenings with my family” he says, assuring us once again, that less really is more.

Photos by Sara Savage

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