Living in Mallorca 2021

Planning to move to Mallorca? Don't relocate without reading this guide now!

There is a boom on the way we hear! As soon as people are able to travel freely, we’re expecting an influx of people looking to start a new life on Mallorca. And who could blame them!

Over the past year, island residents have embraced the profound beauty of Mallorca with fewer people and whiter beaches.
So what will the second half of 2021 bring us? We know that from the higher number of online property enquiries on that demand is rising. Experts say that there is likely to be a shortage of luxury homes for sale. Prices are only going to go up, so if you are sitting on the fence contemplating “to buy or not to buy?” then now is the time to invest.

If you do decide to move to the island, you’ll find a detailed overview inside this edition with the steps you’ll need to take. Why Mallorca? On page 16. Where to buy? On page 26. How to move? On page 48. We’ve also included some useful insights from the people who (during not so easy times) bit the bullet and moved here. Turn to page 42 to meet them. For me, John and Jo from the boutique hotel Ten Mallorca are as brave as they come. They arrived in what must have been the worst time in Mallorca’s tourism history. Read their inspiring (and at times, humorous) story on page 66.

Subscribers to my hc/ newsletter will know that alongside helping you move to Mallorca we also aim to inspire a wholehearted life in the Mediterranean. The three Danish artists behind The Alaró Beehive on page 114 are a great example of this. Through collaborating with others, they have made a positive mark on their local community. Mirjam Wagner’s new book Yin for Life is doing the same, although she uses yoga as a tool for change. Likewise, Juan Canaves (page 120) and Rosario Calvo (page 126) are at the helm of inspiring projects too, but instead, harnessing the power of plants.

Slow living and inner transformation run hand in hand, which resonates with me on a personal level. Turn to page 104 for my thoughts on discovering my true essence in the hope that you too will do the same.

Stay inspired and create your own purpose-driven life in Mallorca.

Helen and the hc/ team

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