The Lionsgate Capital Group

Bringing exclusive luxury to Mallorca

Drew Aaron and Juanita Casanas established Lionsgate Capital in 2016 to bring a mortgage brokerage and luxury finance company to the Balearic Islands that would offer unparalleled service to affluent clients with the same standard of service they would receive in a major city like New York, London, or Berlin. About 90% of their clientele are cash buyers, who don’t need financing, but are interested in an alternative vehicle to avoid the hefty Wealth Tax in the Balearics, maintain liquidity, and make the most of competitive interest rates. “In dealing with us, it’s not just the best rates; it’s the speed, the accuracy, efficiency, the many options we provide, and that we think outside the box,” explains Drew. The company has grown and expanded significantly over the years, but its original core competency –luxury real estate financing– remains unchanged.

An artistic direction

In 2018, Drew branched out into the art space with the opening of Gallery Red, bringing the best in the top global established and emerging contemporary artists to Mallorca and Spain. At present, they have 18 total locations, 12 of which are in the heart of Palma’s Old Town; “And we are growing fast, much quicker than we expected,” Drew tells us. They receive enquiries from all over Europe daily, and many of their artworks end up in homes offshore. “As a new gallerist, it’s gratifying to send works to major art cities with such well-established galleries, many of which I’ve been buying and collecting from for 20 years,” Drew shares. Rouge Mallorca came next, as their outpost for collectable handbags, watches, and accessories from Hermes Chanel, Rolex and Louis Vuitton.

Only the most coveted new pieces and colourways are selected for the retail space. “There is a little bit of irony that you have to come to Mallorca, not London, Paris or New York, to be able to get these amazing watches, bags, and collectables”, Drew says with a smile. The latest jewel in the crown is the Gallery Red Concept Store, stocked with novel items such as rare Nike sneaker collections, toys, and books you won’t find anywhere else in Spain. The space is a fusion of creative expression and high style. “I am very proud of where we are today,” Drew concludes. “Lionsgate Capital is the leading financing company, not just in the Balearic Islands but in Southern Spain. Gallery Red is one of the largest galleries in the country in terms of space, inventory and artists, and it’s still in its infancy. Rouge is considered one of the finest luxury stores for accessories in Europe. In a short period of time, we have come a long way, but still have a lot to learn and a long way to go”.

Address details

Lionsgate Capital

C/ Constitución 1, 1st Floor, Palma