International Experience

40 award-winning years of running student exchange programmes abroad

Luisa Duken, iE Mallorca

The hope any parent has for their child is they grow up confident and capable, able to navigate life with assurance, to stride out to forge their path in the world. As well as this, we want them to cultivate understanding and empathy, especially for people different to themselves and cultures different from their own.

The huge value of international student exchanges for personal development has been recognised for many years now. The importance of learning another language, the rich and rewarding experience of living in another country, and the future benefits of better opportunities for both higher-education and employment cannot be underestimated.

Today run by the third generation of the Gillner family, International Experience have been arranging exchanges for 40 years, and are passionate about what they do. Each year hundreds of families place their trust in this multiple award-winning, non-profit organisation to arrange the best exchange programme, tailored for the needs, expectations, and wishes of each individual student. Face-to-face consultations with every child and their family establish the best destination and programme for them – be it the US, UK, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand and many more. Schools include a choice of public, private or boarding, for trimesters, semesters, or complete academic years.

Prior to leaving, students receive seminars and orientation to help prepare for the year abroad – what to expect of their stay and how to best integrate – and once there they have access to personal local support 24/7. All iE employees have had their own exchange experience, so understand first-hand what makes the experience a successful and rewarding one. Placed with carefully selected host families during their exchange, students are received into a warm and welcoming environment for the duration of their stay. Students return having experienced the best year of their live.

Friends and memories are made for life, and International Experience see students return more self-confident, ambitious, and independent, with a more cosmopolitan outlook and open-minded view of the world. “Where barriers are placed, we want to build bridges so our children can walk towards a more peaceful future” – International Experience.

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