GOCCISA: building trust and protecting heritage

Offering 50 years of expertise in the construction business on Mallorca

Boefore embarking on the adventure of building your dream home, you need to find the right partner for the job. The company in which you entrust the delivery of your new home – of your new life – should be more than just one with the right experience or knowledge. It is important that those in whom we trust our future happiness, can also demonstrate strong values.

The multidisciplinary team at Goccisa, led by the second generation of the Panadés family, comprises a qualified and loyal team of professionals. The effort and dedication of this team have continued to consolidate their founding values – of honesty, prudence and responsibility – and maintain a trajectory to establish themselves as one of the benchmark companies in the Balearic Island construction sector.

At the top of their list of priorities is providing their customers with someone who can be trusted to carry out their projects with the same professionalism and attention to detail that they would apply if it were their own.

When you start a project with Goccisa, you are immediately assigned a contact with which to establish a relationship of mutual trust, someone with whom understanding will be easy and fluid, in order to achieve the common goal – your total satisfaction and happiness. Whether it be the construction of a building, the management of a project, or the maintenance of a property, they will be with you at every step.

The world of construction has changed immeasurably since Goccisa’s founding in 1963, and while in that time they have adapted and evolved, the firm’s core values have remained as steadfast and strong as the buildings they construct, as a family business and through the solid relationships they forge with every satisfied customer.

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C/ Indústria, 5, 2ª planta, Palma