Extracting the essence of Mallorca

Mallorca offers the opportunity to experience the culture that surrounds this emblematic liquid gold

It’s believed that it was the Phoenicians and Greeks who brought the first olive trees to Mallorca more than two thousand years ago. Now, more than half a million olive trees, most of which are over 500 years old, have become an integral part of the Mallorcan landscape. It’s no wonder that the island’s olive groves are prized not only for their picturesque appeal but also as a source for the extraction of one of the cornerstones of the Mediterranean diet: olive oil.

Every year, from October to November, the fields are busy with harvesters who collect the fruits and transform them into oil. Although this process is unknown to many, some fincas opt for opening their doors to those who want to take a closer look at the olive oil culture. At Finca Es Treurer, two generations of olive oil extractors are bringing this type of experience to a new level, opting to share the secrets behind producing their award-winning Arbequina oil. Their agritourism experience centre and restaurant bring visitors right into the heart of their sustainable business.

Founder Joan Miralles

Sharing a treasure

A lock and key is the symbol of the finca, whose name actually means “treasure keeper” in Mallorcan, but their treasure is now right out in the open. The farm, now tastefully renovated and turned into an exclusive 8-room rural hotel, dates back to the XVII century and is surrounded by vast fields of olive trees and woodlands. As you arrive at the estate, just a few kilometres from Algaida, the distinctive Puig de Randa crowns the bucolic landscape that characterises the finca.

Founder Joan Miralles, decided to go back to his roots 20 years ago and contribute to the natural and sustainable ecosystem of the community, aligned with the island’s character. Now, it’s his son Miquel who welcomes guests into this oasis of peace that revolves around the main liquid protagonist. “We do not call ourselves olive oil producers; the land, the sun and the trees produce the oil, we only have the job of extracting it with respect, dedication and high standards,” says Miquel.

“Learning how to recognise high-quality oil is an art”

Olive oil experiences

While knowing the theory behind the product is fascinating, partaking in an olive oil tasting on their quiet terrace overlooking the land makes the experience much more immersive. Visiting a traditional olive oil finca and walking the same centenary steps as generations before brings you closer to a lifestyle that is not lost, but sometimes hidden. But it’s not just blissful memories that you’ll be taking home, recognising high-quality oil is an art that when applied to our daily life can become a game changer in terms of how we enjoy the best type of Mediterranean life and diet.

Text by Fátima Irene Carasol  |  Photos by Jonatan Barzola

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Finca Es Treurer

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