Unique ways to embrace slow experiences in Mallorca

We invite you to savour the island’s essence ‘slow’....

In Mallorca, we are blessed to be immersed in a community of artisans and enterprises that embrace the essence of slowness. Residing on this island is in itself an invitation to live slow, to weave deliberate and mindful consumption into our everyday routines. It’s a return to the wisdom of previous generations – when folks bought things that were built to last, could be fixed, and even upgraded. This way of life reduces energy use, supports local businesses, and lines up with sustainable living practices. Slow consumption is a powerful answer to the unsustainable consumerism we’ve all been a part of for too long. It’s high time we adopt a more thoughtful and deliberate way of living, one purchase at a time, and Mallorca is the perfect place to remain true to our values. Here, we unveil unique experiences on Mallorca that blend these important values of sustainability, tradition and creativity, as we invite you to savour the island’s essence ‘slow’.

This an invitation to immerse yourself fully in slow experiences across the island. Rather than dwelling on the theoretical basis and benefits of a slower lifestyle, it’s now time to fully partake in the tangible richness of slowing down.


Saddle Up for Adventure

In the heart of the island, Naturacavall, born from the Ferrer family’s profound love for horses, is a sanctuary for equine second chances. Initiated by Joan Ferrer and embraced by his sons Xavier and Joan Pere, this endeavour began with six horses in 2019, evolving into a mission that rescues horses from uncertain fates on remote Mallorcan farms. These noble creatures receive meticulous care, transitioning from challenging pasts to idyllic lives in the Naturacavall fields. Situated near Manacor, Naturacavall invites the public to experience Mallorca’s beauty on horseback, offering tailored adventures—galloping on sandy beaches, exploring hills, coastal paths, or ancient mountain trails, and even camping under the stars.



Craft a Bespoke Scent

In a beautifully reformed 250-year-old windmill in Costix, Gaia offers an olfactory adventure with their perfume-making experience. This workshop is a journey into the world of perfumery, inviting you to select from a wide range of essential oils and create a scent that’s uniquely yours. Before the creative session, enjoy a delightful spread of coffee, tea, and pastries, and after the experience, a Mallorquin lunch with cava. As a keepsake, take home a 60 ml Eau de Parfum that embodies your personal olfactory expression.


Martín Bestard (Martín's Walks)

Explore Mallorca Sustainably

Martín Bestard, a Mallorcan native, invites you on an eco-friendly journey through the island’s natural wonders. His profound love for the Tramuntana Mountains and the island’s diverse landscapes drives his passion for nature. Martín offers guided hikes through Deià, Valldemossa, the route of the Arxiduc Luis Salvador, or chart a personally tailored path. What makes Martín’s tours unique is his close-knit local network, granting access to exclusive, private trails while giving back to property owners for environmental preservation. He is a staunch advocate of ecotourism, emphasizing understanding, appreciating, and actively contributing to conservation here on Mallorca, and sharing wonderful local products with his hikers.


Bodega Can Feliu

Craft Your Own Vintage

Experience a vinicultural adventure with Can Feliu Winery’s “Tu Crianza” project, granting wine enthusiasts the unique opportunity to shape their own exclusive wine. From choosing oak barrels (French, American, or Hungarian) to crafting the perfect blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Callet, and more, participants enjoy a hands-on experience. Under the guidance of Can Feliu’s expert team, the process unfolds seamlessly. Since 1999, the Son Dagueta estate has thrived as an organic farm, expanding its vineyards to 15 hectares. With a commitment to sustainability, Can Feliu has been certified in “Agricultura Ecológica” since 1999 and has held the prestigious Demeter Biodynamic European certificate since 2011. This winery isn’t just about wine; it’s a holistic, eco-conscious journey into the art of winemaking.


Living Room

Exploring Art and Well-being

Living Room, nestled in Palma’s Santa Catalina neighbourhood, is a 140 sqm oasis of inspiration and creativity. The space encompasses a yoga room, adaptable for theatre rehearsals, music, dance, and inspiring talks. The ceramic room, equipped with a kiln and potter’s wheels, welcomes artists to sculpt their imaginations. The workshop room combines art and cooking with an induction hob, oven, and dishwasher. And, of course, a traditional living room offers a cosy retreat for reading and reflection. Living Room celebrates individuality, fostering dialogue and unity with over 20 classes, inspirational talks, workshops, hikes, and more. The brainchild of couple Sarah Elfvin and Patric Söderblom – both professionals in the wellbeing sphere, this project reflects their dedication to living life in balance.


House of Kimane

Style with Substance

House of Kimåne, a pioneering mother-daughter duo, is reshaping the fashion narrative through sustainable one-of-a-kind kimonos. Beyond style, these garments embody self-expression and confidence for women who revel in individuality. Employing upcycling, the duo transforms traditional Moroccan Djellabas into unique kimonos, each narrating tales from past, present, and future. Meticulously sourcing materials from Marrakech markets, they forge personal connections with local sellers, celebrating imperfections for added character. Committed to sustainability, House of Kimåne utilises leftover materials to minimize waste, creating other stylish products such as bags, necklaces, hats and sandals. Their Llucmajor atelier, open by appointment, offers a personalized, eco-conscious fashion experience, inviting patrons into a world where each piece tells a meaningful story.


Simply Son Braho

Nourishing Body and Planet

Embarking on a quest for a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, Brenda Irani and her family transformed their journey into a thriving venture, Simply Son Braho. Prompted by the pandemic, their awakening to the interconnectedness of personal well-being and environmental health led them to establish a holistic mini-ecosystem. Starting with a market garden and fruit orchard, they expanded to include chickens, bees, flower fields, and wood lots. Collaborating with a talented chef team, they crafted a menu of wholesome, nutritious, and delectable dishes using their homegrown produce. Today, Simply Son Braho encompasses a farm, deli, shop, and event space in Santa Catalina. With a mission to provide Mallorca residents with nourishing food that respects both body and planet, their culinary haven embodies the essence of mindful living.



Explore the Artistic Soul of Mallorca

Reconnect to your creative side with dada-days, reviving crafts in Mallorca. Founded by Lisa Heschel, this innovative platform focuses on fostering creativity through carefully curated courses like book-binding and ceramic pottery in the studios of local artists. Break away from traditional tourist paths and immerse yourself in Mallorca’s rich arts and crafts culture. dada-days not only connects kindred spirits but also supports young artists, providing them with an online platform to showcase their work beyond the island. As travel perspectives evolve, dada-days catalyses sustainable tourism, offering a new appreciation for beloved destinations. Join the movement and discover the authentic Mallorca – creatively.


Llaüt boat at Cala Figuera

Sail Back in Time

In Mallorca’s quaint fishing villages, you’re sure to spot the iconic Llaüt boats gracefully floating in the harbour. These traditional trawl fishing vessels, renowned for their stability in the Balearic Sea, have transitioned into a delightful way for modern travellers to explore the cerulean coast. Chartering a Llaüt offers a leisurely day of sailing, punctuated by swims and snorkelling in secluded inlets and calas. This unhurried experience is steeped in local charm and tradition, with the option to relish a lunch onboard featuring local delicacies. A few of our favourite Llaüt charters include Bergant Charters in Cala d’Or, Thalassa Philosophy in Port Pollensa, and Llaüt San Francisco in Port Alcudia. A Llaüt adventure promises an unforgettable glimpse into Mallorca’s maritime heritage.