Embracing nature’s harmony: how permaculture transforms landscapes and lifestyles

Permallorca‘s philosophy emphasises the importance of stewardship and conscious living

In Mallorca, living consciously is ingrained in the way of life. It’s a lifestyle designed to help you enjoy the little things: a café con leche, a walk on the beach, a stunning sunset over the sea. People from all over move to Mallorca to escape the relentless pace of city life, which often leaves no time to connect with others or themselves. Mallorca’s authentic way of life reflects this human desire for a more balanced way of living. It’s a fundamental part of the island’s allure, as its natural beauty seems to calm even the most restless spirit.

Yet we often forget the simple pleasures that brought us to the island in the first place. The rush to acquire property and settle in can sometimes lead to a compromise for the island’s environment. Sustainability, so closely connected with conscious living, prompts us to be mindful of how our actions impact the environment and future generations.

There’s a growing awareness among both locals and newcomers alike about the importance of preserving Mallorca’s unique landscapes. Amidst this awareness, some companies are joining the movement to give back to the ecosystems that provide us with so much.

Slow Living


A quiet transformation is underway to promote conscious living and ecological landscaping–and Jose Ansoleago of Permallorca is leading the way. In a region where rainfall is scarce, traditional landscaping practices that rely on resource-intensive irrigation systems just won’t do. Permallorca combats this by promoting sustainable agroforestry methods across the countryside.

“The Mediterranean is a mostly dry climate for 8 months of the year. We implement agroforestry as a way to combat desertification, designing adaptive systems that are drought tolerant,” Jose tells us.

His permaculture designs breathe life into dry, arid soil, transforming it into vibrant ecosystems that support thriving ecofarms. These farms boast vegetable gardens, grazing areas for chickens, natural irrigation systems, and an abundance of biodiversity— excellent for the long-term health of Mallorca’s plants and animals. No ecological detail is ignored: even the health of the plot’s honeybees is taken into consideration.


Living in harmony with nature’s cycles offers a profound connection to life’s essence, nurturing both soul and environment. That’s why Jose’s mission extends beyond simple landscaping. His methods aim to grow the bond between a family and the land they call home, ensuring they’re able to harvest bountiful fresh produce while cultivating a deep respect and appreciation for their surroundings.

Jose emphasises this essence of his work, stating, “The main principles of permaculture are to take care of the land, take care of the people, and fair share.”

By creating sustainable outdoor spaces in alignment with the climate’s nutrient and water cycles, Permallorca’s gardens encourage a truly mindful way of life. Permaculture practices like rainwater harvesting and conscientious water management promote the conservation of one of the island’s most precious resources. For families, these activities further reinforce the connection between people and their environment.


Mallorca is a true gift, with its rich textures, vibrant colours, deep history, and pristine waters. If we’re fortunate enough to enjoy such a place, we must treat it with the respect it commands. In this edition of abcMallorca we’re witnessing the growing movement towards environmental regeneration taking shape, an acknowledgement of the importance of preserving Mallorca for generations to come. On page 94, Alibaz’s dedication to Mallorca’s environment was evident in their focus on maximizing sustainable solutions, from aerothermal energy systems and rainwater collection for irrigation to the innovative use of reclaimed materials like stone and ceramic floors.

Page 120 showcased My Landscaping Group’s impressive 100% self-sufficient homestead, complete with a well and solar park, a testament to their commitment to design in harmony with the landscape.

Projects like Alejandro Palomino’s on page 90 stood out for their integration with nature, as their innovative vertical gardening techniques blended greenery with luxury architecture, demonstrating a modern way to combine aesthetics with conservation.

Pioneers throughout this edition illuminate the growing significance of sustainability within Mallorca’s real estate, property, and luxury domains, showcasing how designers, architects, construction workers, and gardeners are driving progress. Let’s take a leaf out of Permallorca’s book and rediscover the allure of Mallorca’s natural splendour— after all, it’s what drew many of us here in the first place.

Text by Lydia Carey  |  Photos by Lívia Vargovcáková