Giving Something Back to the Island

Marc Kuenzle on his collection ‘Made in Mallorca’

Everyone who comes to Mallorca takes something of the island back with them. So for us, it is also important to give something back,” says Marc Kuenzle as he explains his passion for sustainable design. Marc and his business partner Lilian Trachsel, both from Switzerland, are the creatives behind their ‘Made in Mallorca’ furniture pieces which form part of the Casa Lima collection. Their customised sun-loungers and terrace furniture are all made on Mallorca, which follow a philosophy that runs deep into the island’s heritage.

The Casa Lima carpentry shop can be found in Consell where top quality wood is turned into long-lasting, timeless furniture pieces. “Sustainability is so important to us. It matters that the wood doesn’t lose its shape, bend or break. It has to be long-lasting” Marc explains, outlining the collection’s concept. Functionality is also considered a priority which Marc and Lilian have achieved through their unique rollers. Every lounger features skateboard rollers with rubber wheels which make them easy to move around. This design is the result of a lot of hard-work and planning. “We invest a lot of love and time in the development of the prototypes,” says Marc proudly. The mattresses and coverings have also been made on the island with water-resistant fabric, using Mediterranean designs. All of which put together is one beautiful, well-made collection of terrace furniture.

“Just because the furniture is made on Mallorca doesn’t mean it has to be more expensive than furniture made elsewhere. Switching to local production not only makes sense, but is also important for our environment.” Marc says, pressing how important that everyone on the island supports local trade on Mallorca. An approach that not only provides jobs on the island, but promotes artisan work such as hand-made furniture. He also adds that the short delivery time makes it worth it for the consumer, who instead of waiting weeks for their item, can receive an item from Casa Lima very quickly. Not being shipped means there are fewer transport problems and less delays.

Casa Lima – the interior design store – is situated on Calle Pelaires which having only opened two years is relatively new. However due to its quick integration within Palma, it is hard to imagine the Old Town without it. Step inside and you are taken on a journey of good taste, with pieces of furniture and design that all have a story to tell. Decorative lamps as well as practical furniture and accessories make up a range of exquisite designer items.

Having visited Mallorca frequently over the course of 17 years, Marc Kuenzle decided to move here permanently in 2009. “My passion is furniture and interior design” he says, which transformed into something quite special when he met accessory designer Lilian Trachsel. Together they created Casa Lima, a store that not only has been a dream for them, but for the customers too – a journey of exploring the most of what Mallorca has to offer.

Photos by Sara Savage

Address details

Casa Lima

23C, Carrer dels Paraires, Palma