Casa Lima furniture store Palma

Marc Kuenzle share his decor style and ethos at Casa Lima furniture store

Marc Kuenzle

The Casa Lima concept store in Palma will manufacture part of their furniture on the island. We meet owner Marc Kuenzle who talks about his new store, his clients and décor style.

Where are you from originally?
Zurich, in Switzerland.

How long have you been living on Mallorca?
16 years. However, during the first 7 years I was going back and forth between Zurich and Palma. In 2009 I settled on Mallorca permanently.

What do you love most about living on Mallorca?
The beautiful blue sky and the sea – well, and being Swiss I obviously like the Tramuntana mountains too. It’s mostly the international mix of inhabitants here though which is very enriching and expands your own horizon.

Where is your interior design space?
You can find our store in the very heart of Palma, while our carpentry is in the centre of the island. It’s fascinating to be able to observe on a daily basis how our projects take shape.

How would you describe your décor style?
It’s furniture from different cultures – traditional handicraft “wrapped” up in modern design. We love combinations of different and natural materials.

Give me a profile of your typical client.
An international, discerning type of client who selects his furniture for his home very carefully. Design and quality are important. We support and advise our customers to “materialize” their own style and create a stylish home.

Address details

Casa Lima

C/ Paraires 23, Palma