Transforming a former theater into a stylish home

Alex Llusià and Kika Estarellas turn this former theatre into a wonderful family home

A beautiful cobbled courtyard, solid wood doorways and mar stone archways are the defining features of this 100-year-old manor house and former theatre. Located in a quiet area of the village, the 550m2 property has numerous qualities in which to enjoy the idyllic Mediterranean lifestyle. With this property, Bonba Studio prove that when it comes to the restoration of a timeless structure, the key is to be delicate when introducing modern concepts.

A theatrical past
“When we first entered Can Garrover, we were fascinated by the magnificent space. It had been abandoned for years so had deteriorated significantly,” say Alex and Kika from Bonba Studio, who are based between Palma and Barcelona. After falling in love with the rundown theatre in Sencelles, the partners worked on transforming it. From two different entrances, they restored the white-washed exterior and traditional wooden doors which called upon the work of local carpenters and ironmongers. The archways were also reconstructed, giving air to the once dark and fallen-down interior. Most remarkable, however, is how high the ceilings are, which exercise a gentle nod to the property’s theatrical past. Space was prioritised, alongside pebble-coloured sofas and wide furniture and carpets. The wooden dining table by Andreu World brings in a welcome earthy palette, which pairs well with the shutters and wooden steps – both of which face a cosy courtyard. On the other side, the property benefits from a swimming pool, stone guest house and lawn garden. A standing ovation deserved on all accounts.