OIB Architecture at the centre of sustainable design in Palma

OIB Architecture have done it again in the form of this sleek new build in the heart of the city

OIB Architecture at the centre of sustainable design in Palma

Following the maxim “true luxury is rooted in the standard of quality”, OIB architects Joan Ignaci Bibiloni and Oliver Borries have now added another impressive villa to their portfolio. Their newest project in Palma is part of a larger effort to build sustainably in the city, proving that eco-friendly builds are the future for Mallorca. Named H60, the property balances a satisfying equilibrium of stone, glass, iron and wood. Each material purposefully selected for its organic past and long-lasting future.

An eco-build in Palma
Over the past decade, the architecture and design sector in Mallorca has taken a major shift towards being more sustainable. Conscious living first swept through the culinary sector (0km food), then into slow fashion (opposing mass production) and now we see it in our homes too. OIB Architecture are keen to see this movement grow particularly in Palma where eco-builds are less common. Their H60 project is an example of what happens when two conscious minds come together – prioritising breathable, lighter materials where concrete high-rises dominate.

Stone, grass and seethrough swimming
Mallorcan stone is the main basis of the H60 which can be seen smoothly integrated into the main build, outside wall and platforms. Glass is the next most-used material, which separates the house into three isolated areas. Combined, it creates a U-shape an important structure in Joan and Oliver’s H60 vision. In its rectangular heart, a glass pool is in the centre, which from various sides gives insight into underwater swimming. An elegant focal point as you first enter the property. “When the elements are in harmony, you know you’re going in the right direction,” says Joan, who ensured the property also had enough natural foliage. From all the roofs, a thick grass rises up sending a nod to the island’s natural landscape. Worn like a green crown, Joan and Oliver hope other properties will follow suit.

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