Summer recipes for the perfect barbecue

Host a hit summer barbecue party with these delicious dishes and useful tips

Nothing says summer has arrived like the smell of barbecue wafting on the warm breeze. And what better setting than a pool party to make the most
of the season? Throw in some family, friends and some freshly-made fare and you’ve got all the ingredients for the perfect summer barbecue.

Grilled peach salad

While some might find putting fruit on the barbecue a little unorthodox, popping some peach on the grill intensifies its natural sugars and provides a delicious hit of caramel to this colourful, mouthwatering starter.

Asian slaw with fresh mango

This classic, crunchy favourite adds a few exotic elements for a more Eastern take on this barbecue stable. The sweet fresh mango combining with toasted sesame seeds really makes this a mouthwatering treat.

Fig and goat’s cheese tart

Puff pastry provides the perfect frame and foundation for this dish that marries the textures of crunchy fig seeds and toasted walnuts with soft creamy goat’s cheese and sweet, aromatic fruit. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s lovely to look at too.

Marinated chicken skewers

While marinating the meat overnight might feel like a faff, this recipe employs yogurt, lemon juice, and garlic to fabulous effect, making it more than worth the bother. Don’t forget to soak the wooden skewers (in water) too!

Whole grilled corn

Sinking your teeth into a perfectly-grilled corn-on-the-cob, dripping with butter, is hard to beat. Add a little kick of chilli and hit of lime and you won’t want to stop at one.

Whole grilled fish

Pescatarians certainly shouldn’t miss out on the barbecue action, and this simple and versatile recipe makes the most of many medium- to large-sized fish. Best get your fishmonger to deal with the icky business of gutting and scaling!

Homemade barbecue sauce

While most get their BBQ sauce out of a bottle, up your game with this wonderfully tangy homemade version. You can even add a little more punch with a slug of your favourite bourbon…

Watermelon smoothie

This most iconic summer fruits makes for a naturally refreshing drink all on its own. Just chop, whizz, and strain the flesh through a sieve, throw in some ice and, voila, you have a super-healthy – and rather pretty – thirst quencher.

Homemade lemonade

There are so many ways to add your personal twist to this most timeless of summer refreshments. Adding tonic water, fresh mint, or a splash of gin being just a few!

Crafting the Perfect Burger

As well as using good quality meat, keep it coarsely ground – so only mince it once. Ensure your barbecue is nice and hot, lightly oil the burger before putting on the grill, and don’t move it too much when cooking. If it sticks it’s not ready to be flipped!

Chef: Aoiffe MacHale
Styling: Helen Cummins
Photos by: Sara Savage