Homemade lemonade

Fresh and sweet

6 lemons
250g sugar
1 litre water

This is just one of several methods for making lemonade. I like it because it gets the most out of the lemon. You can also add some zest too.

Peel the lemons and roughly chop. Place in a blender with half of the water and the sugar. Blend until the mixture is somewhat smooth. Pass through a sieve to remove excess pulp and mix with the remaining water. Serve chilled.

You could add a handful of fresh mint leaves to the lemons and blend together to give a minty freshness. Strawberries, raspberries or blueberries also are great additions. You could even use sparkling water or tonic water if you like a fizzy lemonade. It’s really up to you, get creative and add whatever you like! Also makes a great base for a gin cocktail.

Chef: Aoiffe MacHale