Hans Lenz on sustainable living in Mallorca

The Chairman of the Mallorca Preservation Foundation meets editor Helen Cummins

Hans Lenz joins editor Helen Cummins for a discussion about how the Mallorca Preservation Foundation is helping the island be more sustainable. In the interview, Hans touches upon the impact of COVID-19, recent projects that the MPF is working with and in what ways the local community can help.

0:30 What is the Mallorca Preservation Foundation?
1:17 How the foundation started
1:45 The Chairman
2:09 Why Hans got involved
2:34 Balancing tourism and sustainability
3:33 The impact of COVID-19
4:10 The criteria in selecting sustainable projects
4:57 Helping poorer communities in Mallorca
6:08 A win-win situation
6:57 What can we do to help?
8:05 Where the money goes
8:30 Volunteering
9:15 Getting young people involved

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Address details

Mallorca Preservation

Ma-1, Km 7,800, 07184 Calvià