Mallorca in November

The story of November on Mallorca told with spectacular images...

The beauty of ballet, glorious Gothic architecture and secret tapas trails: there is a certain mystery to Mallorca in November. As the nights begin to draw in and the days get cooler, Balearic inhabitants reclaim their islands and tradition comes alive.

Autumn brings feasting and festivities at Mancor de La Vall is Mushroom Fair, Llubí is Honey Fair, Dijous Bo in Inca and the Olive Fair in Caimari. It is not just the sight and smell of delicious local delicacies that please the senses, but the displays of folk dancing and genial atmosphere.

Custom holds fast in all corners of Mallorca throughout November. Visitors flock to La Seu to witness The Incredible Show of the 8th: the moment the cathedral is rose window reflects a figure 8. Add the majesty of Russian Classical Ballet performing Swan Lake in Palma and the natural wonders of late autumn, and the island is magical transformation is complete.