Mallorca in January

The island becomes ablaze with spectacle

Spain is known as an exuberant nation for good reason. As the short days of winter continue into January, Mallorcans are defiant about brightening up the darkness.

Bonfires and barbeques; music, dancing and drama: each traditional festival held in January has its own distinct flavour, but all are full of spirit. The arrival of The Three Kings has children whipped into a frenzy of excitement, and the honouring of Sant Sebastià sees Palma come alive with spectacle.

The fiery festival of Sant Antoni is cosy and inclusive. Proud as they are of their heritage, islanders love to share their traditions with non-natives, who in turn take away a memory of authentic Mallorca.

Take a wintery walk along a deserted, pristine beach or hike through still verdant mountains and countryside, catching some fresh air and sunrays. Just as the sun shines on mild winter days in the Balearics, the Spanish are adept at shining light throughout January.