Sant Sebastià: Palma’s most terrifying local festival

Seeing is believing... these vivid photos tell the scary story of Correfoc in Palma

Correfoc which literally means ‘fire-runs’ is a Catalan festival which involves groups of people parading through the streets dressed as devils blowing fire from their mouths and lighting fireworks on their pitchforks.

Dancing to the beat of drums, the devils set-off their fireworks among the crowds of spectators lining the streets. The brave among the crowd run into the fire tunnels with long sleeves and hoods covering their head for protection against burns.

The “fiestas” start on the night of the 19th January, the eve of Sant Sebastian, the patron saint of Palma. The city’s main squares are filled with people enjoying free concerts and an amazing athmosphere while watching the bonfires burn. The 21st of January is the night of Correfoc in Palma which wrap up the festivities, starting at the Puente de la Riera and finishing on the Plaza del Rei Joan Carles I.

This is not a festival for the faint-hearted… take care, don’t bring small children and stay safe.

Photos by Sara Savage & Video by Estefanía Durán

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