Living in Mallorca 2022

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They say that it takes three years to feel at home in Mallorca, and that was in fact my experience too. However, after hearing countless stories, we see that no two relocation stories are the same. Mallorca is an exceptional place to live and the journey to making the island your new home is part of the magic. Ups and downs are inevitable (like in any transition) but after more than 20 years of living here myself, I say this: Mallorca will open its heart to you, if you open yours.
In this edition of Living in Mallorca 2022, I hope you feel inspired by the people who have come to Mallorca to not only live, but to fully embrace what the island has to offer. Turn to page 76 to hear from an Italian potter, Cuban cosmetologist and Uruguayan architect (amongst others) who turned their dreams into reality. On page 86, couple Andrea and Donal share their story of opening plant-based Irish pub Grà and on page 116 Joe van Moyland tells us how he went from living in New York to serving Smash Burgers in the Tramuntana.

Those looking for practical advice on moving to the island will enjoy reading our living guides. Looking for an international school? (turn to page 48 for our top selection). Want to apply for a Golden Visa? (turn page 94 for more details). Or perhaps you’re looking for business support? (turn to page 134 to find out more about hc/ Connect & Grow). Bear in mind too, that all our articles in this magazine can be read at where we explain in further depth what life in Mallorca can offer you.

If you’re looking for a 360-degree relocation service, turn to page 138 to learn more about the availability of a new concierge property service. Our very own real estate specialist, Lucy Adamson, explains what we offer at hc/ Mallorca Living as well as offering her own insights into buying a home here. If you’d like help finding the right property for you, get in touch with us today at for impartial advice and guidance (at zero cost to you).
If you’re on the cusp of moving to Mallorca, I promise you the best is yet to come and if you’re sitting on the fence about it, I hope this edition inspires you to take the best decision you’ll ever make.

Embrace this opportunity and open your heart to Mallorca,


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