In The Gallery

Radical concepts in historic locations

Sabina Blumenkranz arrived in Mallorca just four years ago. Now, alongside her Danish partners, the elegantly dressed Colombian MBA runs the two art photography galleries she founded in the island’s capital. 

“After studying in the US and Madrid, I worked in Copenhagen and came across InTheGallery. What they did was different.” Although trained for business, Blumenkranz has an innate appreciation of art. “My parents collected Latino painters, such as [the famed Ecuadorian cubist] Guayasamín.” 

When researching Mallorca, Blumenkranz spotted an opportunity for InTheGallery to expand. “There’s more to the island than parties and star-spotting. Collectors from across the world support Palma’s visual art scene.” With its photo focus, InTheGallery complements the collections of neighbours Gallery Red and Gerhardt Braun. “Photography can be difficult to sell in Europe. We’re lucky to work with special artists.” 

Painting with the camera

Long-time collaborator Jacob Gils is known for his multiple exposure technique. Blumenkranz explains: “A Gils subject may be familiar, like the Hollywood sign, but the perspective will surprise, in this case from behind. He’ll shoot for several days before layering 20 to 30 images in his darkroom.” The Dane creates a trembling impression of the prosaic and over-blown, so it touches the heart again. An impressionist painting with his camera? “Yes, Gils’ parents were impressionist painters,’’ reveals Blumenkranz. 

She’s well versed in the methods of Gils, who has been with the Danish operation for 10 years, and more recent collaborators: young Søren Solkær captures the breath-taking choreography of starling murmurations, while Los Angeles-based Markus Klinko is a Swiss portraitist of fashion icons like David Bowie. 

“Klinko will make his Spanish debut with us at the end of August. We met while on tour in LA,” says Blumenkranz, who has a busy schedule. “We visit art fairs across the world: Miami, Hong Kong and now Zona Maco in Mexico City.” 

InTheGallery is investing more time in South America; a chance for Blumenkranz to explore her roots, as well as apply her business training. “Art is a traditional market, which I love. Feeling is always important. I’ll also find artists on Instagram and use Google AdWords to determine their reach.” 

A Dramatic Setting

We’re in the Museum location: three levels and sporting an impressive mezzanine. “It used to be a theatre! The locals come in to relive the old days.” Blumenkranz’s sensitive use of the space betrays her grounding in feng shui. “There was one painting my mother had, she bought it directly from the artist. He’d painted his dead son. The eyes were so sad… Mother knew the story, and loved it. To counter the sadness and reflect away some of the bad energy, she had a mirror placed behind the canvas.” 

Blumenkranz’s combination of business nous and creative energy has great potential. “We want to move into sculpture, and I’d love to collaborate with the city. Public display is a great way to expose your artists while bringing beauty to the streets of your home.” Like her mother, Blumenkranz has an eye for value, both monetary and artistic. · @inthegallery_
Text by Ciarán McCollum / Photos by Sara Savage