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Making a difference through a commitment to transparency and giving back

In Mallorca, Benjamin Vis found more than just a change of scenery. Originally hailing from the busy streets of London, Benjamin’s background is in finance and business – a world where he has thrived for nearly a decade navigating the intricacies of international banking and financial products aimed at fostering growth for businesses.

It was a persistent itch– an urge to break free from the confines of traditional banking– that led Benjamin to take a bold step forward. Recognising the need for a more transparent and client-centric approach, he founded Panthera Consultancy. Under his guidance, Panthera came to represent clarity and transparency in the otherwise murky waters of financial services. They offer solutions that provide funding and empower clients with a deeper understanding of their international financial transactions.

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Beyond Finance, a Commitment to Community

Yet, Benjamin’s ambitions extend beyond the boardrooms and balance sheets. In the UK, he became a stalwart supporter of several charitable causes, dedicating himself to fundraising initiatives ranging from marathon runs to cycling events. His commitment to making a positive impact has aided him in building connections with communities both near and far.

Benjamin recently undertook his most ambitious philanthropic endeavour yet: cycling around the entirety of Mallorca in just 48 hours. Beyond the physical test of circumnavigating the island’s picturesque terrain in two days, the challenge serves a greater purpose: to raise significant funds for One YMCA, supporting their efforts to provide vital services for community members in need across the UK. 48 Mallorca is a symbol of Benjamin’s belief that true success is measured not just in financial terms, but in the positive impact one can make on the lives of others.

Embracing Change and Transformation

The transition to Mallorca marks a new chapter in Benjamin’s story. Here, his professional pursuits and personal fulfilment meet at a crossroads. Embracing the island’s vibrant culture and warm hospitality, the financier quickly immersed himself in the local life that called him here in the first place. His love of Spanish cuisine and culture has made Mallorca the only place that Benjamin could imagine carrying out Panthera’s mission to empower business growth and financial transparency.

As he looks toward the horizon, he envisions Panthera Consultancy expanding its reach, supporting more dreams, and continuing to champion the values that define his journey. These values are rooted in making a difference, wherever life’s path may lead.


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