Twin-Set Simona Barbieri Palma store

Better to lose a sale than lose a customer...

As you glide down the street, sheathed in a new cotton-silk dress that caresses your skin, admiring glances come your way. You smile to yourself, knowing you found the perfect piece that shows off your best features….

Selecting a favourite sequinned Twin-Set jacket or soft sweater in the morning signals you’re on your way to having a great day, wrapped in a style that whispers quietly confident femininity. The woman who wears Twin-Set knows what she wants, and takes pleasure in expressing her own beauty as she goes about achieving her mission.

Besides giving you your best look, acquiring a flattering garment from the adorable Borne store means you’re getting a fashionable piece, made with the greatest care and attention to detail. Designer Simona Barbieri brings romance alive in her choice of fabric.

This most feminine of brands, started in the ‘80s, is all about feeling good; from its heart-felt Italian roots and sweet, modest founder Simona, to the sensational service of the team in the stores and innate comfort of the pieces themselves.

Irresistible, girlish allure is the description that most characterizes Simona’s creation. Shopping at the Palma Twin-Set store is a treat, encompassing genuine, impeccable experience and the delight of browsing a large variety of unashamedly pretty designs that beg to be touched. Gorgeous detailing – from the ruched chandeliers to the heart-shaped clothes pegs in the dressing rooms – shows the passion inherent in Twin-Set story.

“Better to lose a sale than lose a customer” is the ethos that the team abides by, fostering a welcome atmosphere of unpressured helpfulness.

Twin-Set occupies a special place in the hearts and wardrobes of women aged from 20 to 70 who have fallen across a gem: a label that has grown from its key offering of knitwear to four-season collections and accessories, all the while keeping its soul and sense of self intact. The stylish and enchanting Simona Barbieri and her charming female company-family are Twin-Set. What girl wouldn’t want to join their clique?

Address details

Twin - Set Simona Barbieri

Paseo del Borne, 10, Palma de Mallorca