Why Mallorca “has everything” for the solo traveller

Canadian resident Soo Shim shares her story of finding healing and re-connection in Mallorca

Meet Soo from Canada who decided to travel to Mallorca on her own for one month in December. Here, she shares her journey to (unexpectedly) healing herself, what she would recommend for other solo travellers and why Mallorca really does have everything.

0:40 How the journey to Mallorca started
1:50 Meeting Helen Cummins at Mallorca Living Centre
2:20 Christmas in Mallorca
3:50 The interesting people in Mallorca
4:40 Arriving with an open heart and mind
5:30 Eat, Pray, Love
6:21 Discovering Cura
7:40 The unexpected healing journey
8:05 Sadhana Works (The School of Consciousness)
9:32 The power of online community
10:40 Mallorca “has everything”
11:32 Falling in love

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