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Sadhana Works Healthy Hub is Mallorca’s newest wellness centre. It’s a space dedicated to boosting and rebalancing the mind, body and soul. It’s also a place for encounters and creating a conscious community. “Sadhana means giving a higher purpose to everything you do,” explains founder, Mariana Salinas. She believes that consciousness, wellness, spirituality and transformation should be available to everyone and integrated into every part of life.

There are three parts to Sadhana Works: The Healthy Hub, Experience and Homes. The Healthy Hub is where classes and treatments are carried out. Yoga, Pilates, Pelvic Floor and Full Body Workout feature on their weekly schedule.

There are also intriguing alternative sessions of Dance Expression and Meditation & Gong Bath. The latter may prove perfect for insomniacs.

“The gong is not an instrument but a vibration, so it will really give you an experience of relaxing and letting go,”Mariana says.

The holistic treatments encourage visitors to reconnect with their intuition. If you don’t go within, you go without, is the message.

Treatments include osteopathy, craniosacral therapy and flower essence therapy for children and adults. “If we understand that sickness begins with an emotional pattern, first of all we need to find the emotional pattern which needs balancing,” Naturopath, Rosario Calvo, says. Her use of the pendulum allows her to cast her opinions aside and be guided by the energy of the client to ascertain which flower remedies would be beneficial.
Sadhana Homes provides consultations on sustainability and improving energy levels in the home. In the future, they hope to have a portfolio of zero-consumption properties.

“We will be the first wellness real estate on the island,” Mariana says. As for Sadhana Works Experience, this refers to their programme of events. Their first guest is Deepak Chopra. His talk will be held on 4th September in the auditorium of Palma’sConventionCentre.

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