Your great fit beautiful wedding

A 6-week countdown to the big day in healthy steps

Every bride wants to look her best and, by following personal trainer and coach Susanne Neilsen’s six-week countdown, you’re sure to be radiant on your Big Day.

Six weeks to go:
Weigh yourself, take measurements, and make clear achievable goals. Start with 30 minutes’ power walking daily before breakfast. Keep a food diary. Remove unhealthy foods from your kitchen. Organise three meals and two snacks daily, eating every three to four hours for a stable insulin level. Going out? Take healthy snacks with you. Increase water intake to flush out toxins, and reduce intake of alcohol and fizzy drinks.

Four weeks to go:
Weigh yourself. Go to the gym three times a week for an hour’s metabolism-boosting training, body pump or weights. Continue the morning walks – but after breakfast, and for 40 minutes. Eat less bread, rice, pasta and potatoes, and plenty of green veg for added calcium and to reduce water retention, and protein with all meals and snacks. Invest in a good protein powder, to make a tasty shake snack.

Two weeks to go:
Weigh and measure yourself. Hire a personal trainer for the next fortnight, and make five gym visits – training for 60 minutes with light weights and 15 repetitions. End your session with 30 minutes’ treadmill walking, to prolong fat-burning. Eat grilled meat or fish with veg or salad for lunch or dinner; no bread, rice, pasta or potatoes – to avoid bloating.  No smoothies, fizzy drinks, or alcohol – to reduce water retention and cellulite.

Three days to go . . .
Weigh yourself. Walk before breakfast for 40 minutes. Book a massage to help eliminate toxins and get you into a relaxed state. Eat five small meals daily. If you’re not hungry – nerves might affect your appetite – have a protein shake made with a banana or frozen strawberries instead. Get plenty of sleep.

On the Big Day:
No exercise or sport today. Just relax and enjoy your day but, in the excitement, do not forget to eat.  Start with a healthy breakfast of things you enjoy most. Leaving a meal out now will not make a difference. Do not worry about what you eat and drink today . . . this is your special day and you’ve worked hard to get this far – so enjoy it!

Follow these guidelines and you’ll feel healthy and energetic, without weight problems.  And you’ll look fabulous in those wedding photos and videos. Continue with your new healthy lifestyle and you’ll still look and feel great as you celebrate each wedding anniversary.

Note: Also works for bridesmaids and mothers-of-the-bride!