Why a mortgage in Mallorca is the best choice for you

Juanita Casanas from Lionsgate Capital explains why taking out a mortgage is the best option for buyers

Dr Helen Cummins meets the president of mortgage brokers Lionsgate Capital Juanita Casanas to find out why taking out a mortgage makes the most economic sense when buying a property in Mallorca, Spain.

0:19 Introducing Juanita Casanas from Lionsgate Capital
1:26 Who Lionsgate Capital help in the finance sector
1:57 Why mortgages are recommended in Mallorca
3:23 The criteria for getting a mortgage in Spain
4:42 The impact of Brexit on buying property in Spain
6:12 No major change for British buyers
6:57 Tips for buying in Mallorca
8:35 Why use Lionsgate Capital as opposed to going directly to the bank

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