Mobles Riera bring expertise to Cala Llamp

The family-run business furnishes luxury villa in New Folies development

Dating back to 1932, the Manacor-based home furnishings store and family business Mobles Riera is one of the most established on the island. And this, part of the ‘New Folies’ complex, is one of their latest projects, which showcases their eye for interiors with their expertise in furnishing selection.

The property for this project is a striking high-end villa named Cala Castell, set in the upmarket development close to Port d’Andratx and overlooking stunning Cala Llamp bay. The goal Mobles Riera set themselves was a warm and cosy atmosphere – though one “rejecting the norm, the boring, the repetitive”. The look is clean, contemporary, and luxurious, where natural materials have taken centre stage, from floors finished in stone or oak, to the use of fur, nubuck, velvet and silk in the comfy seating, thick rugs and indulgent bedlinens. Illumination is a discreet mixture of ceiling spots and backlighting that artfully set the evening mood. Art also plays an important role in the ambience, with abstract pieces coordinating with a subdued palette of magnolia and taupe grey.

The living room features furniture with integrated projector and large screen, creating an instant home cinema experience. Though more absorbing than any movie are the stunning views over the bay and dramatic cliff-lined coast that can be enjoyed from multiple vantage points. The most is made of the superb panoramic vistas, from the outside terrace, complete with relaxing low-profile couches, plump poufs, and scatter pillows in various shades that echo the expanse of blue sky and sea.

High-quality furnishings, original modern artworks, and smart contemporary design combine seamlessly, resulting in a fine example of 21st-century luxury living.

Address details

Mobles Riera Cala Llamp project

Mobles Riera

Crtra Palma-Artá, Km. 48, Manacor

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