Mallorca in June

Rich in attractions

Is there any wonder Mallorca is one of Spain’s top destinations? The dreamy Balearic island manages to pack a stunning variety of pleasures a mere hop apart. Starring perfect coves and atmospheric fiestas, days and nights enchant.

Multi-layered Mallorca is much like its beloved local delicacy, pa amb oli. Satisfying and delicious, the classic regional dish pairs rustic bread with olive oil, tomato and mouth-watering toppings. Just as the island is blessed with coastline, countryside and mountains, pa amb oli starts with basic quality and is sprinkled with those ingredients that add texture and flavour.

The ingredients that make Mallorca so rich are local festivals and customs like Fira de la Flor, the Costitx flower festival bursting with colour, and the night of Sant Joan, when bonfires blaze on beaches.

Add a trip to an underground cave, world-class cycling, a lazy trip in a Llaut or some fun family entertainment, and you’ll definitely gain a taste for Mallorca.