La Terraza Restaurant in Alcanada

"Every day we work hard to make sure our clients feel welcome and at home"

In the 1950s this enchanting restaurant, on the unspoilt peninsula between Alcúdia and Pollença bays, was the home of the owners’ maternal grandfather, Sebastián. Walkers in the area would come across the terrace, not knowing whether or not it was a private property; Sebastián would offer these passers-by a glass of water or whatever else to make them feel welcome.

He also liked to read and soon his home became a popular meeting point for reading sessions.

On one of these occasions, his daughter Ada Maria met her Galician future husband. After her father died, the couple converted the family home into a restaurant, so others could enjoy the unique and exclusive location of Sebastián’s legacy. There could be no better name than La Terraza.

For almost 50 years, the family business has been a waterfront restaurant and meeting place for people of all generations. The Mediterranean cuisine today has a modern touch, and each year they offer surprising new creations from an innovative kitchen.

The kitchen uses ecological products, and offers dishes created for vegetarians and coeliacs. Numerous clients arrive by boat, or use La Terraza’s delivery-to-boat service, ordering by phone. The lobster paella is one of the most-requested dishes.

The surroundings here are without equal on Mallorca, and attract clients looking to relax, disconnect from daily life, and enjoy a new culinary experience. They come here to make good memories with family and friends, sharing the spectacular views and enjoying the benefit of gentle sea breezes – along with flavourful food, a wide selection of fine wines, and quality service.

La Terraza has adapted to the changing eating-out scene by creating three different zones: restaurant, bistro, and chill-out area with beach area for bathing. Customers come here for a few hours, or to spend the day. It’s also a popular location for business meals and celebration events such as weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays and anniversaries.

“Every day we work hard to make sure our clients feel welcome and at home – like part of one big family,” say the owners of this family business.

Address details

Restaurant La Terraza

Plaza de Pompeu Fabra, 7, Alcúdia

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