Masterful themed garden project

A huge neglected plot transformed into paradise

Garden design by My Landscaping Group

It was during the pandemic that landscape architect Johannes Dütsch and his team found themselves working on project ‘Breeze.’

“The plot gave us so much freedom and peace,” he says, recalling how being surrounded by nature and mountains was like a salve for the soul. “There was always a little breeze of wind; that’s how we came to name the project and the finca, Finca Breeze.”


Set on a plot of 135.000 square-metres, the wonderful homestead is “one hundred percent” self-sufficient, with its own well and solar park. Besides a classic finca garden, resplendent with citrus fruit, palm and olive trees, a vegetable garden and a fireplace. If you prefer, you can while away a lazy afternoon playing petanca, taking a dip in the swimming pool, or simply lounging on one of the sublime shaded terraces.

While getting to work on the land, Dütsch and his colleagues – a merry band consisting of landscape architects, draftsmen, graphic designers, engineers, botanists, topographers and gardeners – strived to maintain its essence. They transformed a 300-year-old animal dwelling into a small guest house, and turned a former chicken and pig pen into a little vegetable plot.

Surrounded by a stone wall, this area contained some huge fig cacti along with the pigs and chickens. “The pigs were eating the figs, and the spiky cacti were protecting the chickens from predators,” explains Dütsch.


Initially, his greatest fear and challenge was the lack of an electricity connection. When he and his team discovered the well, it was like a gift from heaven:

“Having plenty of water gave us the base for a self-sufficient property. We added 70 solar panels and a lithium-ion battery package of nearly 200 kilowatts backup, and now the house will never need an electricity connection,” he beams.

Text by Anna Mason

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