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Carrer De La Reina Maria Cristina 9,
Pollenca, 07460
0044 7577 408 598

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Amongst Morgan & Morgan’s long compendium of client testimonials, one stands out that encapsulates more than any what makes this company special: “Leigh has become a friend, his service is much more than an estate agent.”
Since living on Mallorca as a child and developing a love for the island, the company’s co-founder Leigh Morgan, together with his wife, Pille, decided to return and start a property business – but one that does things differently. And Morgan & Morgan is certainly not your typical estate agent, preferring the label property finders, which more reflects the nature of the business.

One key distinction is, unlike most estate agents who act for sellers, they only represent buyers, ensuring they are always working in the best exclusive interests of their clients.

And Leigh gets to know each client personally, assessing their needs and wants, exploring possibilities, and even sometimes gently guiding them towards options they hadn’t previously considered. As one client puts it, Leigh has an “uncanny ability to know what we wanted before we really knew.”
Leigh and his team have an unrivalled network and local knowledge to identify a wide range of beautiful properties for sale throughout the island, many before they even appear on the market. Finding the perfect property for a client is always the result of an open, honest and collaborative process – pushing for a sale just isn’t in the DNA of the business.
Morgan & Morgan are also experts in project management, combining their in-house team with a carefully selected network of contractors and architects tailored to fit any development project. “If we can’t find the perfect house, we can create one,” Leigh explains.
The company deliberately only works with fewer than a dozen clients a year, meaning Leigh can really get to know and understand each person, not only finding them their dream home, but seamlessly navigating and negotiating the often complicated system of buying or renting a property.
Nothing, however, says more about the business than the number of times clients subsequently become friends. As another testimonial recounts: “Not only have we found our dream home, we have made a life-long friend in Leigh which makes us want to visit the island even more than before.”

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Carrer De La Reina Maria Cristina 9,
Pollenca, 07460
0044 7577 408 598

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