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The 9 Sweetest Hotels in Orange-Famous Sóller

Say cheers to good health at one of these sweet boutique hotels in Sóller. Expect vegan cooking, lush gardens and a place to unwind from it all.

What to expect at Hotel El Llorenç Palma

We spent a night at El Llorenç Parc de la Mar hotel to experience its beautiful interior, top-notch dining and stunning bay-view pool terrace first hand.

The must-visit minimalist Es Raco d’Arta Hotel

This ancient estate has been reborn as a top accommodation retreat, reflecting the serenity of Artá’s countryside through the design mastery of architect Toni Esteva.

The Story Behind Can Estades Hotel

Norbert and Christiane share their journey to becoming hotel owners, together with other more spiritual callings.