Balearic Project

Unrivalled standards of quality

These are the foundations on which the Balearic Project business has been built, and consolidated with the experience of more than two decades in the field of construction. One glance at their portfolio of completed projects tells you all you need to know about the calibre of this world-class construction management company. Take a closer look and you’ll see proof of the level of meticulous attention to detail, that the multi-faceted team puts into their work.

Led by their German CEO, Andreas Elstner, solid teamwork is at the heart of the Balearic Project philosophy, bringing together first-rate professionals from across the fields of architecture, construction, and renovation. Carefully managed coordination and planning between the developer, architects, engineers, and suppliers is paramount throughout the construction process, to always achieve the delivery of the project on time, on budget, and on brief.

On Mallorca, Balearic Project has earned respect and recognition for its work on iconic properties such as the glitzy Portals Hills Boutique Hotel and uber-luxury Hotel Castell Son Claret. They also count amongst their impressive projects various private villas and penthouse apartments across the island. Not only limited to the Balearics, however, team members have also designed, implemented and managed some of the most demanding hospitality projects in the Canary Islands and the Caribbean.

In the construction industry more than anywhere, project management needs to be orchestrated perfectly and finely tuned to ultimately ensure the satisfaction of the client. And no one understands this more than Balearic Project, who place huge value on maintaining sole ownership of all aspects involved, thus guaranteeing every step is carried out with optimum efficiency and to unrivalled standards of quality.

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Balearic Project

C/Gremi d´Hortelans, 11 1ª Planta, nº 15, Palma