Author: Dagmar Riefler

Dagmar Riefler

Living in Mallorca since 1997, Dagmar has been working as a PR consultant and events manager. During a trip to Chile in 2001 she came up with the idea of ‘Charango’. In 2003 she travelled again to this long but narrow country - this time accompanied by her 4-year-old son Rafael Luís. Dagmar Riefler records her experiences, impressions and knowledge about kin and country in her exceptional travel diary.

Cappuccino Group Mallorca

The success story of how Juan Picornell established three successful restaurant brands in only thirteen years could be taken from a marketing textbook.

Camper in Mallorca

Those who wear Camper shoes know they wear a piece of shoe history, internationally famous for snazzy designs that capture many loyal consumers worldwide.