Almond Blossom

An orchard full of fashion

Mallorca is famous for the beautiful almond blossom, which covers the island during most of February each year. A beautiful almond tree orchard was the background for the spring fashion shoot for abcMallorca’s April 2013 issue, which featured the model Rocio, from Palm Studios Mallorca.

abcMallorca’s in-house photographer Jonatan Barzola took the stunning images, which capture the island’s rural beauty as well as that of Rocio and the fashions. Jennifer Jane was the shoot’s make-up artist.

The fashions were selected for their spring colours and versatility, including layered looks that are perfect for a season when the temperature can fluctuate.

Clothing highlights included:
• Coral leather jacket with mesh insert,from Pinko
• 360 cashmere jersey from Bluebird
• Studded pale blue denim shirt with white trousers, from Pinko
• Roberto Cavalli blue patterned silk top, from Kidama

Photographer: Jonatan Barzola
Models: Rocio from Palm Studios Mallorca
Stylist: Helen Cummins 
Make-up: Jennifer Jane


Pinko Palma
Hugo Boss Palma
Bluebird Boutique Palma
Rialto Living Palma
Kidama Boutique Puerto Portals

Special thanks to Miquel & Enric de Flor d‘ Ametler

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