Launch of New Collection – Almond Blossom

An enduring taste of Mallorca

The idea for the Almond Blossom Collection came to me on a cold November morning. After many years of living on the island and enjoying its extraordinary beauty, I thought it would be wonderful to be able to capture that magnificence and make it endure.

Every winter, at the end of February, the almond trees blossom and the island is covered in a blanket of white and pale pink blooms of extraordinary beauty. Why not share that precise moment? Why not bottle that feeling, at once so fleeting and emphatic?

That’s when I decided to contact two brothers who I knew would be able to help me recreate the aroma of the almond blossom. And so Almond Blossom by Helen Cummins was born, our first fragrance.

But the fragrance and the extraordinary range of colours which surround it was not enough. My passion for promoting the work of local producers and the island’s beauty called for something more.

As more pieces of my new project fell into place, in Petra I came across the help I needed to develop a collection of handbags inspired by these colours and textures. A collection of handbags which revolves around the almond trees and Mallorca, aimed at a sophisticated client in search of something special.

Mallorca’s famous pearls seemed like the best option for embellishing these pieces even further. So we created the perfect accessory, with new colours, sizes and uses than the ones normally associated with pearls. Strings of our beloved Mallorcan pearls in subtle and sophisticated colours which can be used as necklaces or to turn a handheld bag into a handbag by using them as chic straps.

The only thing missing was a small almond blossom to keep us company in any situation: hence, the perfect collection of brooches, earrings and rings inspired by almond blossom. Every one of our versatile brooches can be used on our handbags, to gather together different pearl necklaces, and on the lapel of a jacket or blazer during the day, for a look which is completely feminine and captivating. The possibilities are endless.

This collection is born out of my love for the island. It has been a challenge and I sincerely hope you like it as much as I do.

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