InterLED: Creating atmosphere and mood with conceptual home lighting design

Make your home glow with high-quality lighting solutions for interiors, gardens and façades, and elevate your pool with innovative star-effect pool illumination

InterLED, Sounds & VisionsYou can have a beautifully furnished home, but it can lack a welcoming ambience if the lighting is just an afterthought. InterLED designs elegant lighting that is subtle but practical, and will enhance your home.

Gita Maria Timm is CEO of InterLED, specialists in bespoke lighting concepts for homes, gardens and pools. Gita and her team have made Mallorca’s homes shine for more than 15 years. Customer satisfaction is key for Gita; her team fuse exquisite design and technical perfection to create unique solutions for every customer. Gita feels that it is not enough to just light a space, but rather emphasise its intrinsic beauty and atmosphere. Because of their commitment to quality, design and customer-focused solutions, InterLED is an essential partner for your outdoor and interior lighting.

The team’s interior projects exude elegance, sophistication and serenity thanks to the use of warm white light, strategically placed to emphasise beautiful features in your home. With external façade lighting, architectural qualities can be tastefully highlighted to enhance their design. Lighting is of course also functional, and InterLED always innovates to answer both artistic and practical lighting needs.

Living in Mallorca means that life is often outdoors. Gardens become important and oft-used social spaces, but they also serve as secluded dens of privacy. InterLED’s garden lighting designs enhance the beauty and safety of the outdoors by subtly spotlighting trees and plants to create a magical and inviting space. Their pioneering starry-sky pool lighting is spectacular – bringing the night sky into your pool.

Their designers use premium natural materials such as copper, bronze and brass, which not only offer durability but also reflect their commitment to sustainability. Each product, designed to last, comes with a minimum 5- to 25-year guarantee. The team is multilingual, allowing them to serve a wide range of customers on the island and turn their visions into reality.

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How InterLED can help you

High-quality interior lighting design

Whether you want to make your bedroom cosier, light up your home office, or highlight a feature in your living room, InterLED can craft a unique solution, combining aesthetics with functionality to create a pleasant atmosphere and optimal illumination. They will work with you from planning to implementation.

Superior outdoor lighting

Make a more welcoming ambience for outdoor dining with custom-designed lighting for gardens, façades, patios and driveways. The result will not only be visually beautiful, but also functional and durable. InterLED can take the lead on everything from landscape architectural integration to selecting the right luminaires.

Starry night-sky pools

InterLED’s true expertise lies in creating ‘star pools’, a spectacular fibre optic lighting technique that transforms the pool floor into a sparkling starry sky. As the undisputed leader in this sector in Spain, they offer an exceptional product. The glittering pool gives a magical night-swimming experience.

Professional lighting design

Take the stress out of lighting your home and partner with experienced lighting designers. They will analyse your requirements and create customised lighting concepts that combine aesthetics, functionality and energy efficiency. They can manage every detail from where to position control systems, to choosing light fittings.

Qualifications and awards

Gita is passionate about design. She has an engineering degree, commercial training, and 15 years in the lighting industry. She speaks German, English, Spanish, Catalan, Croatian and Serbian, and is a member of BNI (Business Network International).

What InterLED's clients say...

  • “Super ingenious stuff and super innovative! The lighting has turned out great! Keep up the good work!”
  • “Great, absolutely customised lighting solutions. Super and highly professional!”
  • “You are a genius and you have good taste too! It’s a dream as a table lamp, goes great with the house.”
  • “I am very happy! Thank you very much… Great professional staff!”
  • “We decided in favour of these lamps 6 years ago after 3 other models had only lasted 3-5 years each. The air by the sea is salty, so only copper ‘survives’. Thanks to InterLED we now have peace of mind.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I spend money on lighting design?

Careful lighting design ensures optimum results. Computer simulations enable us to test different lighting intensities, colours and angles. This minimises the risk of rooms that are over or under-lit.

How long does it take for my customised lighting solution to be completed?

We aim to progress each project as efficiently as possible. The timing varies depending on the preliminary work required, the involvement of other trades, delivery times for the lighting units and the planning complexity.

Do you also install smart home technology?

Our core expertise is the artistic design of lighting concepts. Technically we can integrate lighting into intelligent home-control systems, but we entrust this task to experts. We work with renowned partners, including AJH-Elektro, which is also a proud member of the hc/ Conscious Business Community.


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InterLED, Sounds & Visions

InterLED, Sounds & Visions

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