Get a Great Body!

3 fitness training programmes

Well it looks like by just reducing my alcohol intake for the past few days, it’s made a considerable difference to my weight….. But I totally agree with professional fitness trainer Susanne Nielson’s comment on my Facebook page that without getting to the gym there is little chance to get rid of fat longterm – that’s why I workout at least three times per week.  I have three different training programmes:

1. Mat Workout with Tracy Anderson

This is a 50 minute muscle toning workout including warm-up and cool-down and all the equipment you will need is a chair and some light weights.  I’ve been doing this workout for about two years and I find it excellent particularly for your arms “you get teeny, tiny ballerina arms”  your abs “not your conventional ab exercises but super effective for a lean, toned, sexy tummy area” and your bum and legs….  If you would like to get the DVD now is a great time to make a start with your new exercise regime and it’s much cheaper and easier than joining a gym!  Buy Tracy Anderson’s DVD here.

2. Squats, body weight and circuit training by Iris Rossner

The best personal trainer I had the pleasure to train with for about 5 years was Iris Rossner who unfortunately left the island and is now based in Munich in Germany.  I continue to do the workout she developed for me which includes a number of 10 minute circuit to keep my heart rate high – so I normally do an aerobic warm-up, then a session on the cross-trainer changing my direction and position every two minutes, then a tough session of 3 x 30 squats for each leg and step which really gets the heart rate going in-between I use a rubber band to workout my arms and shoulders and then I finish with a session on the running machine again alternating the rhythm every two minutes.

3. Body Design Series by Tracy Anderson

After training with the Mat workout from Tracy Anderson for so long I needed to change the exercises as my body was getting so accustomed to doing the same routine over and over again, so a friend suggested I try the Body Design series by Anderson and this is what I now incorporate into my workout once a week. At the beginning I found even the first level difficult but after a few weeks I got the hang of it. As of yet I have not tried the second and third DVD but I’m sure I will soon. Buy the Body Series by Tracy Anderson here.

I am so pleased I found an exercise regime that works for me. When Iris my Personal Trainer left Mallorca, there was a strong chance I could have stopped working out altogether so I’m happy I found Tracy Anderson.  She may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I strongly recommend you try the Mat DVD a few times and see if you like it. It’s no wonder so many celebrities are now turning to Anderson as her training program really seems to work for women of all ages.

Best of luck with getting fit in 2013!


Progress Day Two: 0.10 Kg lost, and 2.30 kg still to go with only 3 days left!