Gabi Coduri Affrini, empowering horses and riders

Finding tranquillity and connection with horses, nature, and riders

Riding horseback amidst a breathtaking, varied landscape under the Mediterranean sun—it’s a cinematic moment come to life for Gabi Coduri Affrini. Born and raised near Zurich, Gabi swapped her banker’s suit for riding boots, embracing a career that has brought her closer to nature. The majestic world of horses called after her, and what better place to train horses and their riders than the beautiful island of Mallorca?

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Sweet escape to a new way of life

Living in Mallorca, Gabi has found her paradise. She adores the island’s variety, the high standard of living, and the warmth of its people. The breathtaking beaches and the tranquillity that persists– even during the high season– make Mallorca her ideal home. Gabi’s enthusiasm for Mallorca is matched only by her love for horses; an infectious appreciation shared amongst all of Team Affrini.

Gabi’s passion for horses is palpable, and her dedication to fostering meaningful connections with these magnificent animals is unmatched. Every lesson is about more than simply learning how to ride safely and properly. It’s about forming a genuine bond with the horses, and experiencing the joy and tranquillity that comes from spending time with them. In a relaxed environment, the aptly named Team Affrini coaches riders of all levels in a range of training techniques.

Connection to nature’s rhythms

Through her daily interactions with horses and the natural world, Gabi has cultivated an even deeper sense of connection and serenity. Complemented by her practice of yoga, her journey speaks to the transformative power of aligning with the rhythms of nature and nurturing the soul-body-nature connection. It’s an empowerment she hopes to continue sharing with horses, ponies, and their riders from around the world in Mallorca’s idyllic setting.

Gabi introduces innovative methods to the island, such as Dual Activation and Equikinetic by Mike Geitner, or TGT Ground School and fine riding by Peter Kreinberg. These teachings are inspired by her passion for forging profound connections between soul, body, and horse– promising a deeper bond and an elevated training experience. Whether seeking tournament support or care on their serene finca, Gabi and her Team Affrini is prepared to exceed industry standards of excellence.

Qualifications and awards

Gabi has many years of competition experience under her belt, as well as international driving licence class S, trainer’s licence, completion of various additional training courses, experience as a driving judge, and expertise in basic driving training in Switzerland.

What people say about her...

“Professional advice, competent solutions, good support in training with my horses.”

“The care of my young horses has helped me to progress efficiently and adequately.”


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