Coachella Chic inspires Summer fashion 2017

The season sets off in sophisticated festival style

Summer outfit inspiration comes courtesy of the world’s hottest music festival. Reference Palm Springs style with a look that says luxury boho, and preppy perfection. Sophistication rules over sparkles…

Photographer: Matus Toth

Model: Maria Makatova from MY Model Agency

Stylist: Helen Cummins

Hair: Marty Tyl

Make up: Katerina Brans using Laura Mercier/STARSKIN/Faby

Video: Estefanía Durán 


Twin-Set, Palma
Rialto Living, Palma
Kidama Boutique, Palma & Puerto Portals
Farinelli, Palma
Exclusive Portals, Palma & Puerto Portals