Casa Lima Opening

A shopping soiree in Palma

Palma´s new concept store, Casa Lima, hosted an exciting evening of shopping and cocktails on March 22. The charming Swiss owners, Marc Kuenzie and Lillian Trachsel, are the latest designers to roost in Mallorca and set up shop. They were on hand to introduce us to the ethos behind their store-which has decorative pieces from around the world and a custom home furnishing line. Their focus? To create beautiful made-to-measure furniture for your home or garden, using the island´s skilled local craftsmen. From great slab dining tables to interesting objects from their worldly explorations, we were impressed by their carefully curated collection. Casa Lima is quickly catching the eye of decorators and interior designers in Palma, and we look forward to watching them become an important voice in Mallorca´s burgeoning design scene.