Luminous luxe

Purely escapist home in Cala Llamp, by Knox Design

If this property were a film, what would it be? Our money is on Boogie Nights mixed with modern Bond – retro glam updated for the times we’re in now.

You can well imagine hedonistic party nights taking place in the indulgent surroundings of this design masterpiece. Luxury, deep-pile floor coverings, come-lie-on-me-sofas and glimmering gold and azure colours bring a sense of escapism, placing the inhabitants far away from everyday life.

After a lively dinner at the long oak dining table, original driftwood art-meets-design ceiling lamps hanging above, the party moves outside.

Absolute privacy enfolds the terraces, a scene made for late-night lounging sessions with their cool white furniture and infinity pool reflecting the stars

Waking up in one of the four breezily sophisticated bedrooms, padding to the en-suite bathroom to take a shower accompanied by panoramic views of the Med – this place is so private, you won’t be seen – a person can’t help but feel reinvigorated.

Possibility seems infinite at this hidden, privileged home, four storeys cascading down towards the shore. A piece of architectural bliss for the young and wealthy, the whole world seeming to lie before them with the sea below, and skies above.

Photos: Studio Mallorca

Address details

Knox Design Mallorca

Knox Design

Calle Valencia 45, Santa Ponsa

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